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Sifu Hallyu

SciFi Friday – Prometheus

As tonight is the debut of SyFy channels Helix I thought why not get in the spirit with one of my favorites…Prometheus.

Even though I am an avid SciFi fan I rarely blog on my SciFi adventures for a variety of reasons. Last week I really enjoyed the discussion of two movies I finally watched Elysium and After Earth so I thought I’d bring up one of the most controversial SciFi films to come out in the last five years. 

Full disclosure. Prometheus was my favorite movie of 2012 by far.Alien is my favorite movie of all time and I saw this film for the first time on an 8 story tall IMAX screen that makes any movie better than it really is. So, I was incredibly excited for Ridley Scott to revisit this universe. 

I was hoping for a prequel…

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