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Superior Realities

I think World of Warcraft has finally been dethroned as my go-to game. I’ll never abandon it entirely, but for the time being, I plan to make it something I only pick up once in a while. So that has left me to wander the digital wilds without a true home, bouncing between games with a greater level of schizophrenia than ever before.

The sun rises over the Scorched Desert in The Secret WorldI’ve been working through my backlog of single-player games on Steam. I’ve also been trying some new (to me) MMOs, but those adventures will form the basis of several articles for WhatMMO, and I don’t want to spoil them, so I’ll just say this for now: Spandex is involved.

The remainder of my time goes to hopping between Neverwinter and The Secret World.

Neverwinter: What’s my motivation?

I still have really weirdly mixed feelings on Neverwinter. I’d say it’s a love/hate relationship, but both of these feelings…

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