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We can see the future! Well, in the case of X-men: Days of Futures past we can read parts of the script. Script materials are rumored to have been leaked describing the opening scene of the film. Read below but please be warned…



According to a script obtained by  Radar.com the film opens in futuristic Moscow, where buildings are crumbling in smoking ruins.

Series newcomer Booboo Stewart gets the first line of ominous dialog as James “Warpath” Proudstar: “They’re here,” he tells Blink, played by another newbie, Chinese actress Bingbing Fan.

Suddenly, the duo are whisked though a portal to “a vast bomb shelter under the Kremlin,” the script explains. “Shelves are full of food, the floor full of bunks, all inhabited by a band of mutant refugees,” and there’s a shrine to fallen mutants in a distant corner.

As Blink and Warpath emerge in the room Blink tells…

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