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The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters was founded in 1963 as by Dr. Brian Xavier, noted nuclear scientist and founding member of the Future Foundation think-tank.  Located in Westchester County, the purpose of the Academy was help facilitate the next generation of scientists and great thinkers though the highest standards of education.  To that end, the Academy had a generous scholership program, allowing the brightest minds to attend the school irregardless of their income or social status.  Despite its lofty goals, the Xavier School never had the prestige of some of the older schools in New York and New England.

When Brian Xavier died in 1975, his son Dr. Charles Xavier became headmaster of the school.  It was then that the name of the school was changed to the Xavier Academy of Higher Learning.  Due to poor attendance, the school was shut down in early 1992.

In late 2012, the school quietly reopened its doors with Xavier once again its headmaster.  He reformed…

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